Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, November 10, 2008

Final Project Work in Progress

Here are the pictures I promised showing that I am indeed working on my project
First, some examples with shadows:



House (one of many)


My ever-growing pile of cut outs

Wayne Lytle and Animusic

Pipe Dreams

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Final Project

Shadow of Brutality/Evolution of Combat

For my project I am going to show the evolution of combat throughout human history through the use of shadow.  Using my hands, paper cut outs and whatever else is deemed necessary, I am going to animate shadows on a wall.  Then I go to a medieval army marching, followed by a flurry of arrows arising from behind them.
My project will start off simple, with one caveman hitting the other with a stick or club.  I may or may not use text throughout but if I do it will be with my hands, unless there is some sort of shadow puppet font I can use.  If I do use text then the word "Bonk" will float through the air.  I then go to the Roman/Gladiator age, where the emperor's thumbs down makes one gladiator cut off the head of another.  Next I will show a sea battle between pirates and another boat, followed by a World War One sequence where germans are shooting down many a soldier.  Next will be the bombing of a village, then a tank blowing up random things.  My last combat shot using shadows will be a finger pressing a button and missiles subsequently launching.  My last shot I want to show an endless graveyard with the words "The End?" floating mysteriously in the background, but that might change.  

Fallback Alternative: Shapeshifter emerging from shadow